Lee Warren is a Proud Veteran U.S. Army Ranger and “Master Chef”, and a product creating specialist.  With more than 25 years of experience.  He is now producing savory health related food products. 

Papa Lee’s creates quality precision infused products using Pure Form CBD that is 99.5% pure. Unlike other CBD, PureForm CBD is not made from cannabis or hemp, yet it is composed from entirely natural, organic ingredients . PureForm CBD has no THC and no pesticides or solvents. 

Our mission is to help provide Veterans and our fellow Americans with a healthy, quality, affordable CBD product line.

There are Veterans with PTSD, MST, AND TBI’S that are self medicating with alcohol and other prescription drugs and illegal drugs that are deteriorating their lives.  We believe that our PureForm CBD products may be able to help.  We push ourselves to provide solutions that may help others to enhance their lives with a more healthful CBD product.

CBD has been said to help with anxiety, pain, sleep disorders and many other ailments.  We pride ourselves on using high quality ingredients in all of our products.  We are offering 7 different flavors and spice combinations that enhance the benefits in our CBD honey. 

All spices and flavors we use in our honey are natural and organic.  Our flavors include plain, sweet orange, lemon, lavender, turmeric, peppermint, and orange turmeric.  All absolutely delicious.!! 

All of our Formulations are Tested!!

All our flavors come with 10mg PureForm CBD Doses per pack. We also offer a 20mg PureForm CBD in Plain Honey. And of course ZERO THC.!!

All Veterans Get A 20% Discount On All Our Products Available On Our Online Store. www.papaleescbd.com. Please know that when you see our products in stores that you are getting the highest quality and supporting Vets.